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Photography for Children with Special Needs


How to Find a Photographer for Your Child With Special NeedsPIN

A photography studio can be a scary place for a child with special needs. A busy and contrived atmosphere combined with large flashing lights can be overwhelming. This can make it impossible to get that yearly family portrait or the beautiful photos every parent wants of their children. It is my goal to provide a photography experience that is relaxed, comfortable, and completely tailored to your child’s needs so that you can have those desired photographs hanging in your home.

When you book a session for your child with special needs with me, you can expect a very customized experience. The first thing I do is a thorough interview over the phone. We will talk about your child or children with special needs and what sort of accommodations might help them to enjoy the photography session. A big decision will be location. It is very important to photograph your child in an environment they will be comfortable in, whether it is in your home, your backyard, a local park, or my photography studio. We will then arrange for an in-person meeting so that your child can get to know me prior to the session. If appropriate, a social story can be provided to prepare your child for the photography session.

If you have a child with special needs and are interested in learning more about a custom photography session with me, get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.