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Newborn Safety: 6 Questions to Ask Your Newborn Photographer

Newborn safety 6 questions to ask your newborn photographerPIN

Is your newborn photographer safe?

Being an expectant mother can be stressful. Preparing to care for a new life includes so many difficult choices and all involve the safety of your newborn: from which car seat to buy to who will be your child’s pediatrician. But when it comes to choosing a photographer, is safety the first thing on your mind?

The process of choosing a newborn photographer can be confusing and overwhelming. If the safety of your newborn during a photoshoot wasn’t the first thing on your mind, you’re not alone. As a mother myself, I can remember sifting through dozens of websites trying to determine which photographer would be right for me and my baby. I never realized that many photographers offering newborn photography have zero safety training! The fact is, there is no one policing American newborn photographers to ensure they have the proper safety training. It is up to YOU to learn if your photographer has taken it upon themselves to learn about posing newborns safely.

So what can I do?

If you are going to hire a newborn photographer for posed newborn photos, you must do your research. I have compiled a free list of questions to ask a potential newborn photographer to guide you. I have also included what answers to look for and what answers to run from. Click the button below to get your free list!


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