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First Day of School Photo Ideas – Free Printable Signs!

It’s that time of year again! Our sunny summer days are slowly shortening and will soon become foggy fall mornings. Trips to the pool, park, or zoo and late night movies will give way to structured routines and school drop-off lines. In the age of phone cameras and Instagram you have no doubt documented your child’s awesome summer; but how well do you keep up during the school year? Here are some easy back to school photo ideas (and a free printable sign!) so you can capture those important memories.

  • The First Day Photo

    You’ve probably seen this one all over social media. In the classic first day photo the child poses with a sign indicating their age and/or grade. I’ve done part of the work for you and created a free printable sign for your child to hold when you photograph them (don’t forget to post your picture in the comments)! Grades included range from preschool to college and also include a couple of more generic signs for children in non-traditional schools. When printing, please don’t forget to check borderless printing for the best look!

  • On the Court/Field

    Time is moving fast and so is your kiddo! Sports practices and games are a great way to get candid shots of your child in motion. Whether they are scoring goals or cheering on the sidelines, these types of photos are a great way to track their accomplishments.

  • The Extra-Curricular Photo

    Is your child on the chess team? Maybe choir or band? Extra-curricular activities build both skill and character but often go undocumented outside of school yearbooks.

  • The Milestone Photo

    Each age is full of new milestones! You’ll want to look back on their first lost tooth, first school dance, getting their driver’s license, and High School graduation.

  • Last Day Photo

    This one is staged just like the first day photo, but can be filled in with milestones or activities they completed in the past year. First and Last day photos can also be made into side-by-side composites.

No matter the moments you capture, your children will love looking back on their journey in the years to come. What back to school photo ideas are you planning on using?

First Day of School Printable Sign 2017 - 2018PIN

Print your free First Day of School Sign and post your child’s picture with it in the comments!

Author: Stevie Rae Causey, Author | www.stevieraecausey.com | twitter.com/stevieraecausey
Images: Crystal Amber Malta, Photographer

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