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Newborn Photography Session - Tacoma, WA

Newborn Photography Session – Baby Channing

Last month we welcomed little Channing Marshall and his family into our studio! Channing is a tiny little peanut,

Star Wars Birth Announcement - Newborn Photography

Star Wars Birth Announcement – Newborn Photography

Every once in a while I get a family that wants to be extra creative with their newborn photography session. Happy to

newborn photography - twins with hiccups

Hiccupping Newborn Twins

My very first session of the new year reminded me of how much I love what I do. It started out with a small problem. My

Newborn Photography Session - Auburn, WA

Why do I photograph newborns?

Random Friend/Client: “Why do you like to photograph babies so much?” Me: “Oh, you know…

First Birthday - One Year Old Toddler

Behind the Scenes with Baby Photographer Crystal Amber

I worked with talented videographer Satya Zoa as well as many awesome clients to create this video which demonstrates

Pam Brown Father's Day Quote - Newborn Photography - Auburn, WA

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! I see so many fathers in my business and it is a joy to watch their